EziTrimplus mouldings are suitable for any interior finishing application that requires high quality and a great look. EziTrimplus has a wide variety of uses such as Skirtings, Architraves, Jambs, Reveals, Shelving, Furniture and Bathrooms and Kitchens(not exposed to constant wetting).


All EziTrimplus should be cut from the moulded face through to the back face to prevent fibre tear that is inherent with all softwood timber.

Chiselling & Routing

For the ease of chiselling and routing all single rebate Door Jambs have defect free rebates. To ensure the best possible finish we recommend that you only use sharp, well maintained tools.


To achieve the best results from EziTrimplus we recommend using both an adhesive and nails combined.

Hand Nailing

When hand nailing, the use of Bullet Head Brights arerecommended. The hand nailing should be finished with a nail hole punch so the nail sits just below the surface.

EziTrimPlus Thickness Bullet Head Brights Paslode TrimMaster Conventional Airgun
11mm 40mm x 2.0g 38mm DA38
18mm 50mm x 2.5g 50mm DA50
30mm 65mm x 2.5g 63mm DA63
Gun Nailing

When nailing different mouldings, ensure you adjust the gun with each moulding type to prevent the nail from shooting too deep and to make sure the nail is just below the surface.

When using a nail gun we recommend you use a protective tip to eliminate any bruising that occurs with all softwood products. As shown below, Paslode Guns use a ‘no mar tip’.

Sanding and Painting

Sanding and Painting



Before painting it is essential to wipe off dust and dirt that may have accumulated on the surface of the moulding. The use of a good quality Acrylic or Enamel paint is recommended for your top Coat. Depending on the desired colour and finish you may need to apply a second coat.

Health and Safety

When working with EziTrimPlus ensure you use all the correct personal protective equipment: For example mask, gloves, goggles. Machine tools should be fitted with dust extractors and work areas kept clean. Storage and work areas should be adequately ventilated. Machines should be well maintained and the cutting tools should be sharp.

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